Our services generate value for our clients by supporting their efforts to achieve superior technical and commercial results.

We offer jointly with our partners engineering, technical and maintenance services for pipeline, process piping, boiler and pressure vessels.

Our skilled team and pipeline layout specialists can work year-round. In addition, we invest in the latest automatic welding equipment to meet your needs for complex pipe fabrication.

GLM services include:

  • Technical Services
  1. Installation and hook up Services
  2. Maintenance Services
  3. Modernization services
  4. Steel Fabrication services
  5. EPC Services
  • General Services – we provide competent engineering solutions from concept to

completion in the design, fabrication, supply, installation, maintenance, inspection and integrity assurance, of electrical and instrumentation equipment installations, utilizing latest techniques for the oil, gas, petrochemical industries..


  • Well Workovers – activities include one or more of a variety of remedial operations on a producing well to try to increase production
  • Structural Steel Services & ErectionOur projects include construction of various oil and gas structures and large structural steel components. We specialize in massive and complex steel erection, using state-of-the-art facilities and methods.
  • Boiler maintenance Works includes rehabilitation, modification, parts & heaters replacement, calibration of instrumentation, etc…
  • Equipment Rental & Sales-we offer flexibility to onshore and offshore oil and gas operations through the provision of rental various equipment.
  • Inspection servicesour approach to inspection means equipment and facilities can often continue in service while being assessed and provides a level of knowledge on equipment condition that enables sound planning and appropriate on time decisions making.
  • Representation and Sponsorshipraise the profile of your company with our representation and sponsorship opportunities enabling you to promote your message to a targeted audience of decision makers.
  • Partnership / Joint Venturesthe past few years have seen high numbers in Oil & Gas JV’s being entered & it could be attributed to a number of different factors, including: recovery in oil prices, easier access to the credit markets, advanced in technology,  global exploration & development.